Soy Wax - Container Blend C3

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  Soy Wax 

Container Blend C3

What is soy wax?

Soy wax is produced from the oil obtained from soy beans, which is then purified and solidified into a wax. Soya wax is an environmentally friendly alternative to paraffin wax, and used widely in making container candles.

To add colours:

For powder colours, heat the soy wax to 88C before adding and then mixing until dissolved.

For liquid colours, colour blocks, chips or no colours at all, heat your soya wax to 68C

Adding fragrance:

C3 Soy wax takes fragrance well, the recommended maximum usage level in your candles is 6%. To minimise scent loss, add your fragrances at about 57C


Soya wax C3 requires larger wicking than paraffin. Paper cored, cotton cored or metal cored wicks should be avoided as they tend to cause sooting or carbon build-up in your candles


C3 soya wax can be poured as low as 38C if the wax is being constantly mixed. Try not to pour at high temperatures such that the wax remains liquid for 30mins or more after pouring. C3 is designed to adhere to glass containers, so slower cool times are beneficial. Candles should be cooled at about 21C, uncovered for at least 48 hours before test burning


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