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BTMS 50 is a fantastic ingredient in hair recipes, especially in solid conditioner recipe. It helps to provide a conditioning and detangling affect on hair when used in a hair treatment recipe.

BTMS 50 is white in colour with a scent that doesn't usually carry through to the finished product. It contains 50% of the active ingredient and BTMS 25 contains 25% of the active ingredient. Even though BTMS 50 is more expensive, it is better value than BTMS 25 when you consider the cost per gram of the active ingredient. It is for this reason that some people prefer to use BTMS 50 in their hair treatment recipes for a conditioning affect.

BTMS 50 is also an emulsifier, so it will be able to help you form oil in water emulsions.

The usage amount of BTMS 50 in solid conditioner is usually 40-70%. The usage amount can vary from recipe to recipe, so it is always best to test different recipes to see what works best for you.

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