Candle Dye Flakes


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Candle Dye Multi Pack

Candle dye chips are very densely coloured chips of wax, that when mixed together with melted candle wax can give amazing colours to your finished candles. Solid candle dye chips are easy to use and measure, and also very effective.

Which colours are in which pack?

Pack A - Antique Ivory, Cocoa Brown, Electric Blue, Fuchsia Pink, Heather, Lavender, Light Gold, Olive Green, Orange, Plum Purple, Rust Red, Windsor Red

Pack B - Autumn Red, Cream, Fudge, Lavender, Light Pink, Meadow Green, Metal Grey, Orange, Yellow, Light Blue, Turquoise, Midnight Blue

Pack C - Aqua Blue, Cocoa Brown, Cream, Denim Blue, Evergreen, Fuchsia Pink, Heather, Light Gold, Deep Purple, Turquoise, Windsor Red, Yellow

Pack D -
Antique Ivory, Aqua Blue, Black, Evergreen, Fuchsia Pink, Fudge, Lavender, Light Gold, Olive Green, Plum Purple, Rust Red, Yellow

Pack E - Antique Ivory, Autumn Red, Cream, Denim Blue, Evergreen, Fudge, Heather, Light Blue, Meadow Green, Orange, Deep Purple, Windsor Red

Pack F - Black, Cocoa Brown, Denim Blue, Electric Blue, Light Pink, Meadow Green, Metal Grey, Midnight Blue, Olive Green, Deep Purple, Rust Red, Turquoise

Once you have melted your candle wax, add the colour chips at around 65C. For paraffin wax, you will need about 1g of dye to 100g of wax, and for eco soy wax, about 2g per 100g of wax.

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