About Us

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The Soapery was started in Ipswich, UK by Andy Knowles in 2014. In his words, this was how it started:

"I have been plagued by sensitive skin all of my life, and I can't use many off-the-shelf cosmetic products.

This led me to create my own skin and hair care products, from soaps and scrubs to moisturisers and hair treatments. 

However, I was astonished at the cost of the ingredients to make these products. It just seemed like many companies were willing to overcharge just because a product is natural.

I resolved to create a company with the vision of supplying people like me with the ingredients they need - without charging a premium. 

And guess what? Shop with us, and you'll never have to pay extra again."

Natural ingredients

We source the finest natural ingredients from around the world, bring them together in simple packaging, and deliver them to your door. All this, for less.

Passionate about a no-nonsense approach to natural ingredients, we will never use clever marketing and glossy photos to justify ridiculous prices. Honesty is the only policy.

We are committed to operating in a sustainable way, we stock only RSPO certified palm oil and all of our waste is recycled. All of our cardboard, paper packaging and postage bags are made from either sustainably sourced, or recycled materials.