Essential Oils

Explore the world of natural scents with our pure and natural essential oils, used widely from room diffusers to aromatherapy, not to forget soap making and other hair and skin treatments.


What are essential oils?

Essential oils are natural oils that are extracted from plants. They are valued for their strong and natural scent.

Essential oils are usually extracted from leaves, roots, flowers, buds or stems of plants. However, some are extracted from seeds, wood, bark and even fruit peel.

How are essential oils made?

The most common way of extracting essential oils is by steam distillation. Some citrus essential oils are cold pressed, but we usually offer distilled citrus oils because they are easier to use in cosmetics.

The plant is held over boiling water, and as the steam passes through the plant material it carries the essential oils with it.

The rising steam travels through a series of tubes. As it cools, it condenses and the liquid is collected. The essential oil is separated from the water and filtered. 

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