Our Suppliers

Shea Butter Production






With so many natural ingredients in stock our products come winging their way to us from all corners of the globe. We pick our suppliers carefully to ensure that we not only get the best natural ingredients at great prices for you, but also to make sure that our producers are looked after too. 

Read up on how we source our shea butter and how it supports women across rural Ghana.

We love to support other UK businesses where we can, so you'll find that a lot of our ingredients such as our Melt & Pour Soap Bases and our Bath Bomb Ingredients are produced in the UK.

For other more exotic products we have to look further afield, from the remote forests of India for our Mango Butter to the fertile soils of Kenya for our Avocado Oil.

Find out more about how our avocado oil is sourced, and how it benefits the local community. Or take a look at how our organic mango butter is produced.

You'll find more about how our amazing ingredients are sourced and produced, as well as recipes over on our blog.