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What is allantoin powder?

Allantoin is a fine white odourless powder, with a similar consistency to flour. It is commonly used in cosmetic formulations for its soothing and protecting properties.

Allantoin is found in many organisms including animals, plants and bacteria. It is a chemical compound naturally produced in plants, like the comfrey plant, and animal urea.

What is allantoin powder used for?

Allantoin powder is used in skin care products to reduce irritation, encourage skin healing and bind moisture. It is ideal for itchy, inflamed or dry skin as it provides a calming effect.

Allantoin powder is a frequent ingredient in cosmetic products such as cleansers, lotions, serums, face masks and creams.

It is non toxic and non allergenic making it suitable for sensitive skin and damaged skin.

How to use allantoin powder

Allantoin is effective at very low concentrations around 0.1% up to 2%. The allantoin powder is soluble in water up to 0.5% and should be added in the cool down water phase.

It is recommend to heat the water to around 50 - 65°C. The allantoin powder should then be added during the cool down phase, under 50°C, making sure to stir the mixture to ensure it is fully dissolved.

Adding it to the heated water helps increase the solubility of the allantoin. If the allantoin powder is added to a water temperature that is too high, it may cause it to re-crystallise as it cools. This may form uncomfortable crystals in the final product.

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