Bergamot Essential Oil


Bergamot Essential Oil 

Citrus Aurantium Bergamia Fruit Oil

Bergamot essential oil is the oil that is extracted from the bergamot fruit. The bergamot fruit is a citrus fruit the same size as an orange but the colour of a lemon and the essential oil is extracted by pressing the peel of the bergamot fruit. The resulting essential oil is a clear, light oil with a yellow/green colour with a brilliant citrus scent. It takes about 100 bergamot fruit to make just one 100ml bottle of bergamot essential oil.

Essential oils are fantastic natural products, and can bring benefits to many people. However, they should be handled carefully as they can irritate skin. Our essential oils aren't intended for direct application to skin and should never be consumed. Please keep this bergamot essential oil out of reach of children, and consult a doctor before using in pregnancy.

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