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What is carnauba wax?

Carnauba wax is yellow in colour and is native to Brazil. It is extracted from the carnauba palm tree leaves and is a natural wax, used in a wide range of cosmetic products.

The carnauba tree protects itself during the dry seasons in Brazil. The carnauba tree avoids loss of moisture by secreting a coat of carnauba wax on the upper and lower leaf surface. The leaves are then dried to produce dried carnauba wax.

Carnauba wax is sometimes referred to as the 'queen of waxes'. It is also known as Brazil Wax, Ceara Wax and Palm Wax.

What is carnauba wax used for?

Carnauba wax has emulsifying, thickening, softening, and emollient properties. It is ideal for cosmetics such as lip balms and lipstick.

Carnauba wax can be used to add shine and a glossy finish to a variety of products. It also helps the texture and structure of products with high melting points or a stiff consistency.

As carnauba wax is insoluble in water, it also has great water resistant qualities.

Is carnauba wax vegan?

Yes, carnauba wax is vegan friendly. Carnauba wax is a natural vegetable wax and is derived from the carnauba palm tree.

Is carnauba wax better than beeswax?

Carnauba wax is derived from the carnauba tree and beeswax is produced from worker bees. Carnauba wax is a hard and brittle wax as it has a very high melting point. Beeswax has a lower melting point and is a softer consistency.

Carnauba wax is often used in cosmetics as it is a natural and vegan material with a high melting point. Because of this, the wax can be used in many different types of products.

Beeswax is a natural wax that has a softer and creamier texture. It is a great wax for cosmetics and adds extra moisturising properties. However, beeswax is not vegan friendly.

Both waxes are great for cosmetic products and have a range of benefits. Beeswax is suitable for softer cosmetic products and adding moisture. If you want harder wax or product, carnauba wax is more suited.

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