Cypress Essential Oil


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Origin and History 

Cypress essential oil is native to the Mediterranean region. It was considered a highly spiritual natural product and had connections to death and immortality. Cypress oil was used in medicine for its natural healing properties.

Today, Cypress oil is used in aromatherapy and cosmetics products for its mental effects as well as its healing properties.

Benefits of cypress essential oil 

Cypress essential oil is often used in aromatherapy as it is said to have calming and relaxation effects. 

Cypress oil is also said to heal minor wounds and infection. A 2014 study found cypress essential oil to have antimicrobial properties which could help clean and heal cuts or wounds. It is also suggested as a good treatment for acne and bacteria on the skin.

Cypress essential oil blending suggestions 

Cypress essential oil has a woodsy scent and is used as a base note. It blends well with citrus, floral and other woodsy scents like bergamot, orange, cedarwood and lavender.

Here are a few of our favourite blends:

Woody and citrus blend

6 drops Fir Needle oil

5 drops Frankincense oil

2 drop Cypress oil

10 drops Sweet Orange oil

1 drop Cinnamon oil

Musky and sweet blend

2 drops Bergamot oil

2 drops Cedarwood oil

2 drops Cypress oil

2 drops Patchouli oil

Cypress essential oil for hair 

Cypress essential oil is said to help reduce dandruff on the scalp as the antibacterial properties treat the dandruff and restore balance to your scalp. It is also said to help reduce hair loss as it increases blood flow, strengthening the hair and promoting growth. However, there is no evidence or studies to prove this claim. 

Cypress essential oil for skin 

Cypress essential oil is a great oil for oily or acne prone skin types as it can treat blemishes and acne on the skin. Due to its antimicrobial properties, cypress oil can kill any bacteria on the skin or in pores which can reduce acne. 

Cypress essential oil safety 

When diluted, cypress oil is generally safe for skin and hair treatments. It was tested at 5% dilution on 25 volunteers and found to be non-irritating or sensitising. It is also not phototoxic (Opdyke 1978 p699).

We would recommend a maximum dilution for skin contact to be 5%.

However, it is not a food grade product and should not be ingested. Make sure to dilute the oil before applying onto skin or hair as it is highly concentrated. 

Cypress essential oil is not thought to be hazardous in pregnancy (Essential Oil Safety, Tisserand 2013)

What note is cypress essential oil 

Cypress essential oil is a base note and blends well with oils like bergamot, clary sage, frankincense, lavender, rosemary and sandalwood.