Coconut Oil for Baby Skin: Benefits, Uses & More

Coconut oil for baby skin

October 05, 2022

There is nothing more soft and delicate than baby skin. But those gorgeous little sleep thieves can have pesky skin issues such as baby acne, eczema and nappy rash. Of course you want to use the most gentle and natural products on your baby’s skin and that’s where coconut oil comes in! Let us show you how coconut oil can be used on your little one and how perfect you’ll find coconut oil for baby skin…

Is coconut oil safe for baby skin? 

Yes, coconut oil and particularly virgin coconut oil is wonderfully safe for use on a baby’s skin. Our organic, virgin coconut oil doesn't contain any added perfumes or chemicals, it is 100% natural and is safe for use on babies and children.

How does coconut oil help a baby’s skin?

Baby skin is very thin, fragile and new! It is more sensitive than adult skin and it also produces fewer of its own moisturising oils. This means it needs something gentle to bring moisture, nourishment and protection to it and virgin, organic coconut oil is perfect for the job. Coconut oil also has anti-inflammatory properties which is wonderful for soothing nappy rash and baby acne.

Uses of coconut oil for your baby 

Irritated skin

Try making your own whipped body butter and applying it to any irritated or dry patches of skin.

Cleansing, dry skin and chapped lips

Let a scoop of coconut oil melt into bath water for a soothing bath, or rub into dry skin and chapped lips to moisturise and protect.

Baby massage & chest rubs for colds

Bond with your baby and help them (and you!) relax by giving them a massage using coconut oil. It's also a great chest rub to help decongest little ones if they are struggling with a cold.

Frizzy hair & cradle cap

Coconut oil brings wonderful moisture to hair and can help tame frizziness. To help soothe cradle cap rub coconut oil into your baby’s scalp and then rinse after 20 minutes.




Grace said:

Coconut oil indeed is the best oil for babies. In India, almost if not all babies are massaged with coconut oil before a bath and the scalp is soaked generously with coconut oil. Leave it on for a while and then bathe the little ones, After towel drying use frankincense smoke and then wrap them up. There you go, they will fall asleep peacefully! Coconut oil nourishes the baby’s skin and keeps it soft and supple.

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