Coconut Oil - Organic Refined

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 Coconut Oil - Organic, Refined

Organic refined coconut oil is a soft, creamy white solid oil that is used in many skin and hair recipes due to it's versatility. Rich in essential fatty acids, coconut oil is a staple for hydration leaving the skin and hair feeling silky smooth.

The main difference between refined coconut oil and virgin coconut oil is that refined coconut oil has no coconut scent. This makes the organic refined coconut oil particularly suitable for recipes where you aren't looking for a coconut scent in the finished product - and also when you are looking for organic ingredients without the higher price tag of virgin grades of coconut oil.

Similar in consistency to butter, pure organic coconut oil melts at around 24C, we recommend ordering in a clear plastic tub in warm weather - however, we still offer resealable pouch options for those who already have containers for their oil. This helps us in providing organic pure coconut oil at much cheaper costs compared to our competitors.

As with all of our organic oils, our organic coconut oil is certified by the Soil Association.

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