Organic Rosehip Oil – Cold Pressed


Rosehip Oil – Organic, Cold Pressed

About Organic Rosehip Oil

Rosehip seed oil is the oil pressed from the hips, or seed pods of the rose flower. This rosehip seed oil is produced from organic rose plants which have been grown without the use of chemical pesticides. Our organic rosehip oil is produced by cold pressing only, which preserves the natural state of the oil.

Uses and Benefits

Organic cold pressed rosehip seed oil is red in colour with a neutral scent. Cold pressed rosehip oil has a low comedogenic rating and is often used in anti-aging recipes, acne and scar reduction treatments. Rosehip oil is also suitable for oily skin types.

Our rose hip seed oil is also suitable for everyday skincare, especially for ageing, dehydrated and sensitive skin. As it is organic it contains no petrochemicals or preservatives. Plus, it is safe to use during pregnancy. It evens skin tone while softening, brightening and nourishing the skin.

Also, rose hip seed oil is rich in antioxidants and essential fatty acids which are crucial for cell and tissue regeneration. This is why it can be used for healing wounds and reducing fine lines and scars.

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