Wheatgerm Oil


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What is Wheatgerm Oil?

Wheatgerm oil is a refined oil, extracted from the germ of the wheat kernel. The oil is yellow in colour with a neutral scent.

Wheat germ oil is rich in essential fatty acids, it contains a high amount of linoleic acid and gamma linolenic fatty acids.

Wheatgerm oil is often used as a base oil in cosmetics for added nutrients. It can be used in skin care and hair care products such as soaps, lotions, shampoo, massage oil and conditioners.

What can wheatgerm oil be used for?

Wheatgerm oil is praised for its hydrating and reparative properties. Due to its high fatty acid and vitamin E content, it can help restore moisture in the skin.

When wheat germ oil is used in cold process soap making it adds to the conditioning effect of the soap bar. It also adds a little hardness and creaminess to the bar.

It is also added to haircare products to help improve hair health, add conditioning properties and revitalize damaged hair.

Make your own hair treatment with wheatgerm oil


Castor oil 100ml | 96g

Macadamia oil 100ml | 92g 

Wheatgerm oil 100ml | 92g


  1. Measure all of the oils into a jug and mix.

  2. Once fully combined, pour the mixture into your chosen bottle and apply!

  3. Massage a small amount onto the scalp as a little goes a long way. We recommend applying the hair treatment half an hour before a shower.


What is the INCI name for wheatgerm oil?

The INCI name for wheatgerm oil Triticum Vulgare Germ Oil

Where does our wheat germ oil originate from?

Our wheatgerm oil is of mixed EU origin.

What is the saponification value for wheatgerm oil?

The saponification value for wheatgerm oil is between 180 and 198 with an average of 189. For NaOH the SAP value is 1.134, and for KOH it is 0.189