How to Make a Homemade Lip Scrub

How to make a DIY homemade sugar lip scrub

January 26, 2023

What is a lip scrub?

Lip scrub is a treatment to help remove dry skin from your lips. We’ve created a recipe with coconut oil, vitamin E, sugar and cinnamon, so you can create your own DIY lip scrub today!

The coconut oil helps to provide moisture to your lips, and the vitamin E helps to nourish your lips, and extend the shelf-life of your homemade lip scrub. 

The sugar brings all the exfoliating power to this recipe, and a good taste of course. We’ve added some optional cinnamon powder to bring the flavour to the next level.

We don’t use essential oils in this recipe because all the flavour comes from the cinnamon powder. Don’t be tempted to substitute with cinnamon essential oil, it isn’t suitable for lip scrubs.

Homemade sugar lip scrub ingredients UK



How to make a DIY homemade lip scrub

1. Melt and mix your oils

  • Weigh out your virgin coconut oil and vitamin E
  • Melt in the microwave, or in a heatproof bowl over simmering water
  • Mix thoroughly until combined

Make a DIY homemade sugar lip scrub

2. Add the sugar and cinnamon

  • Weigh out your cinnamon powder and sugar
  • Using a whisk, mix the sugar mixture into your oils.
  • Fill your containers, and get ready to scrub!

DIY homemade sugar lip scrub


How to use a lip scrub?

Take a little of your homemade lip scrub and gently apply it to your lips, rubbing in small circles. Be gentle, your lips are sensitive.

Rinse off with warm water, and then apply a lip balm. Check out our guide on how to make lip balm

We recommend using this treatment once a week

What does lip scrub do?

Lip scrub exfoliates your lips, removing dry and dead skin to help your lips feel soft and moisturised.

Lip scrub benefits

  • Lip scrubs will help your lips feel soft and smooth
  • Lip scrubs help remove dry and dead skin
  • Prevent chapped lips and reduce soreness.


Daniel Webb

Daniel Webb said:

How much cinnamon powder do you use?

Andy Knowles

Andy Knowles said:

Whoops, looks like I forgot to put the measurement on the recipe! Thanks for pointing this out. I’ve fixed it now.

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