Where Does Tea Tree Oil Come From?

Where Does Tea Tree Oil Come From?

September 12, 2022

Our organic tea tree oil comes from Kenya and we’ve been sure to hand select a trusted supplier who is helping change the lives of these farmers for the better.

Is tea tree essential oil sustainable?

Life as a farmer in Kenya is anything but easy. A remote location, constant disputes that mean farmers are often forced to squat on their ancestral land, hot and humid weather with two rainy seasons a year that make growing crops a challenge and little education or employment opportunities.

All these things mean that they are often trapped in a cycle of poverty.

What does our supplier do?

They work with 1000 small scale farmers and directly employ over 100 people who all work hard to ensure the best quality tea tree oil can be delivered to your door.

By setting up a commercial farm in Kenya our supplier has been able to help the community learn about the crops and gain the skills needed to grow them on their own land.

They have also built a commercial processing facility on the farm. Produce from thousands of local growers can be processed here and all the equipment runs on energy from biomass boilers fed by briquettes of bio-waste from the farm and from solar panels installed on the roof.

By distilling the oil in Kenya, it allows the local community to benefit from the value added at source. Also, as our tea tree essential oil is certified organic, the farmers also benefit from receiving an organic premium for their tea tree.

The community impact

The community is thriving, poverty is being reduced and our suppliers are also helping to improve healthcare, education and access to clean drinking water.

They are also supporting farmers in securing their land, ensuring they have a legal asset that not only guarantees their livelihood but also that of future generations.

  • 40% of farmers are female. This growing industry creates opportunities for women to participate
  • 450 acres of land are being farmed. Helping rural farmers grow new crops and develop vital skills to gain a valuable second income from their land.
  • 9 field officers are providing agricultural education and support.

Several Community Based Organisations (CBOs) have been set up. Each CBO of 30 farmers gets awarded $30,000 (USD) and they vote on how it will be spent for the benefit of their whole community. So far they have created a scholarship programme allowing 25 children to attend school and have provided maternity services and a cancer screening camp.
It’s amazing how the production of one of our favourite essential oils can help bring new hope and opportunity to a community.

What are the benefits of tea tree oil?

Tea tree oil is not only helping Kenyan communities, but it also helps us! It’s a fantastic antibacterial and can help with a vast array of skin conditions. Click here to find out more about how you can use this wonderful oil.

Where to buy tea tree oil?

You can buy your organic tea tree oil from us at The Soapery, safe in the knowledge that you are supporting Kenyan tea tree farmers.

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