Mango Butter – Organic


Mango Butter - Organic

Organic mango butter is extracted from the seeds of organic mango fruit that have been grown without use of pesticides. Organic mango butter is pale yellow in colour and has a very neutral scent. Mango butter is solid but relatively soft at room temperature.

Use organic mango butter in your body butter recipe for its moisturising effects, or in a soap or hair treatment recipe. Our mango butter is 100% pure and is certified organic by the Soil Association, so you can buy in complete confidence.

Mango butter sometimes becomes gritty if it is melted and cooled too slowly, so try to cool your products quite quickly. Sometimes this happens in transit, if your mango butter seems too gritty upon arrival try heating until fully melted - keep it melted for a few minutes - and then pour into a tub and chill in a freezer until room temperature.

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