Discover Exotic Mango Butter

Discover Exotic Mango Butter

September 17, 2021

Earthy, exotic, exciting. The bright colours of a mango, even on the greyest of British days, awaken a sense of tropical beaches, bright sunshine, adventures and turquoise seas. But there is more to a mango than the sweet, juicy fruit. Hidden away inside the woody kernels are nutrient dense oils. When the kernels are pressed and these magical oils are released they can be turned into a creamy butter packed full of antioxidants, vitamins A, C, & E and essential fatty acids. 

Mango Butter melts pleasingly to the touch (a bit like chocolate!), glides smoothly on your skin and is highly moisturising. It’s non greasy so leaves a satiny feel and won’t block pores so even people with acne prone skin can enjoy it. With hardly any smell it is a perfect mild alternative to stronger, nutty smelling butters such as Shea or Cocoa.

Our Organic Mango Butter is made by collaborating with tribal smallholders across the remote forest villages of India. The mango kernels are bought directly from them, helping to improve their livelihoods while supporting traditional ways of life. The smallholders focus on forest protection and environmentally friendly harvesting and production. No pesticides are ever used on the mangoes and no chemical fertilisers are used on the soil. The fruit are handpicked or collected from the forest floor and no chemicals are added during processing.

It’s incredible to think that the creation of our Organic Mango Butter supports 7.8 million tribal people in more than 18,000 Indian villages. Women have developed cooperatives to provide training on harvesting methods to help protect the forests, uplift communities and provide a future for their children. Organic Mango Butter really is a wonderful product - both for those that produce it and for us who use it!

Where Can I Buy Organic Mango Butter?

If you’re looking for organic mango butter, you can get it at The Soapery. We sell it in a large range of quantities from just 25g right up to 20kg, in resealable pouches or in tubs. Whatever the recipe, we have the organic mango butter for you! Our mango butter is 100% pure and is certified organic by the Soil Association so you can rest assured you’re getting the best at the right price. 

Top tip from Andy:

With summer coming you might find yourself a little red cheeked after a day out. To soothe sunburned skin just gently melt 2 tablespoons of our Organic Mango Butter and mix in 2 teaspoons of Aloe Vera Gel. Allow it cool and gently massage into sunburned skin.

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