Avocado Butter


Avocado Butter

Pure Avocado butter is a great ingredient for body butters, cosmetics, and solid hair treatments. Avocado butter is white in colour with a neutral scent, and slowly melts on the skin.

Combine it with other butters like mango butter and shea butter to make an amazing body butter. Or, try blending it with castor oil to make a hair treatment.

Also, this rich vegetable butter melts easily which makes it an ideal addition to products designed to melt away in the bath or moisturize the skin.

Using our Avocado Butter For Hair and Skin Care

Avocado butter is a great emollient and is very nourishing, especially for people with dry and more mature skin types. Also, it helps to hydrate and soften dry hair. Plus, this avocado body butter untangles and conditions your hair while adding shine and strength.

When added to massage blends, our avocado butter keeps the skin looking radiant and supple. Even more, regular use in hair packs and hair care conditioners conditions the scalp and helps with healthy hair growth.

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