Coconut oil - Refined


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Origin & History

Our refined coconut oil originates from the Philippines. Many claim the coconut is native to Southeast Asia and that they were discovered around 4,000 years ago. 

Coconut oil was used in these countries for many traditional medicine and cosmetic applications, for example as a natural sunscreen, moisturiser, hair conditioner and cooking oil. 

Today coconut oil is popular for its moisturising properties and is used in a variety of skin products and hair treatments.

How to Store Your Oils

Refined coconut oil should be sealed and stored in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight.

In warmer weather, take care to store it somewhere that doesn't exceed 20C because your coconut oil may melt and leak.

Looking for an economical coconut oil to use in your soap or cosmetic recipe? Look no further than our basic, blank canvas coconut oil.

Our refined coconut oil is white in colour with a very neutral scent. Perfect for soap making, or in your other creations.


A 2016 study shows coconut oil has antibacterial properties that are just as effective as chlorhexidine, when used for oil pulling. 

However, we are a cosmetics company so we recommend contacting your dentist for more information about the antibacterial effects in oil pulling. 

Coconut oil is perfect to use in soaps as it creates a bubbly lather, unlike most other oils. It is also extremely smooth and has a low melting point. This means it has a good glide and is perfect if you want good slip in certain cosmetic products.

Extra Information

This type of coconut oil is refined. The coconut oil has been produced from dried coconut shells and then been put through a refining process which includes bleaching and deodorising the oil. This removes all impurities and its coconut flavour and scent. 

It is a very efficient way of producing coconut oil, which is why it is the most economical grade available. However if you are looking for cold pressed coconut oil, click here

We also offer organic refined coconut oil. This has been produced in a similar way, but from coconuts that have been certified organic. This means that the coconuts have been grown without synthetic pesticides and fertilisers.


What kind of coconut oil do you use to make soap?

Refined coconut oil is the best kind to use for soap making as it is inexpensive compared to other types and has a melting point of around 25 C.

Is coconut oil good for making soap?

Coconut oil is great in soaps and is found in almost every cold process soap recipe.

Soap made with coconut oil produces a big bubbly lather, and increases hardness and cleansing properties in your bar of soap. It is great at locking in moisture, making it excellent for those with dry or sensitive skin.

How much coconut oil should I use in soap?

To use coconut oil in a recipe make sure you know what type of bar you want to create.

It is recommended not to use more than 30% of coconut oil in a soap bar as too much coconut oil will make it overly drying, while smaller amounts will add moisturising properties to your soap.

Technical documents

To find the technical documents for our coconut oil click here.