French Green Clay


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What is french green clay?

French green clay is a fine pale green powder. It is made up of minerals and decomposed plant matter. 

These natural minerals were first mined in the southern coasts of France, where most of the worlds deposits were found.

What is french green clay used for?

French green clay is often used in cosmetic products like face masks, soaps, body masks and scrubs. It is a gentle exfoliator and helps cleanse pores.

Green clay helps to absorb moisture, oil and excess sebum on the skin, making it popular for oily skin types. It is also a great natural colourant and can be used to colour soap, lotion, creams and body butters.

Make your own clay face mask with french green clay


  • Water 10g

  • Honey 2g

  • French green clay 15g

  • Rosehip oil 2g 


  1. Measure the water and honey into a bowl.

  2. Mix together and add the french green clay and rosehip oil.

  3. Make sure all of the ingredients are fully combined to create a smooth paste.

  4. Now your face mask is ready to use!