Goats Milk Powder


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What is goats milk powder?

Powdered goats milk is produced by evaporating and spray drying goats milk. The powder is off white in colour with a natural aroma.

Dried goats milk powder is often added to cold or warm water to form a liquid solution, for use in soaps or other cosmetics.

What is goats milk powder used for?

Goats milk powder is used in a variety of cosmetics including body lotions, creams, exfoliators body butters, soaps, cleansers, and moisturisers.

Goats milk powder is a prominent ingredient in sensitive skin cosmetics. Goats milk has the same pH as human skin, which means it doesn't disrupt the skins pH levels. This helps to prevent dry skin, rough patches and flakiness.

Dried goats milk powder is very popular for its moisturising, hydrating and exfoliating properties. It helps draw moisture to the skin and retain it. It also hydrates and exfoliates the skin simultaneously, which makes it perfect to use as a gentle exfoliator.

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