Silver Sparks Cosmetic Mica Powder


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Silver Sparks Mica Powder

This mica is a sparkling silver colour. It is pearlescent so has a beautiful twinkle and shine to it, perfect to bring your creations to life.

This silver mica is suitable for use in recipes intended for use on skin, face, lips and eyes.

You can use our silver mica powder for making cold process soaps by adding it to melt and pour soap or cold process soap produces rich, vibrant colours.

There are many different types of mica, including iron oxide, tin oxide, and many more. Mica are colourants that are made from minerals from the earth.

Cosmetic micas are natural colourants that are made from minerals from the earth - such as iron oxide and tin oxide to name just a couple. Cosmetic micas are a great natural alternative to some liquid colourants that are widely available but are artificially coloured.

Our cosmetic micas have not been chemically dyed, a process that is often used in cheaper, poor quality micas.


Usage information
Melt and pour soap: 1-3 %
Cold process soap: 3-5 %
Nail varnish: 8-12 %
Liquid soap: 0.2-1 %
Lip balms: 3-5 %
Lipstick: 10-20 %
Contains CI Numbers: 77019, 77891 77861