Dog Paw and Nose Balm Recipe

How to make dog paw and nose balm

February 08, 2023

Does your dog have a dry nose, or sore paws? You can make your own dog nose balm with our simple recipe, and 100% natural ingredients.

We tested 3 recipes, and selected this one because we think it is easiest to apply. This recipe creates a bar that you can rub directly onto your dog’s nose or paws. Or you could rub your finger in the balm and then apply it to your dog’s nose, whichever you prefer.

You don’t need to spend a fortune looking after your dog’s nose and paws, it is really simple and cheap to make!

We’re using a calendula infusion for moisturising and soothing, combined with jojoba oil and shea butter to help moisturise and soften your dog’s nose and paws. 

The beeswax serves to harden the balm and to give the balm a nice creamy feel. You could substitute for olive wax or candelilla wax if you prefer a vegan recipe, we’d suggest trying 20g of candelilla or 30g of olive wax.

We’ve left this recipe unfragranced. As dogs have an incredible sense of smell, rubbing a strong scented balm on their nose doesn’t seem right.

Here’s the recipe!

Making dog paw and nose balm at home



  • 2x Containers to weigh your oils in
  • Heatproof bowl for melting
  • Whisk for mixing
  • Moulds, tins or other containers for the finished balm


Dog paw and nose balm recipe ingredients

1. Weigh your oils and wax

  • Weigh your shea butter and yellow beeswax
  • Weigh your calendula oil and jojoba oil, and blend together.
  • Combine all your ingredients into a heatproof bowl for melting

 How to make dog nose balm

2. Heat and melt your ingredients

  • Heat your ingredients gently, in a pan over boiling water or in a microwave.
  • Mix well until combined and fully melted.

Pouring dog nose balm into moulds

3. Pour into moulds

  • When your oils and wax are fully melted and combined, pour them into moulds to set.
  • Once they've fully hardened they are ready to use.

How to use dog nose balm

This recipe sets quite firmly, you can use it as a bar to rub directly on your dog's paws or nose. If you've poured it into containers then take a little on your finger and rub it into your dog's nose.


Vilma Archila

Vilma Archila said:

hi there
What is the amount of the overall recipe?
I learnt to formulate in order that all my ingredients add up t0 100%
I am a bit confused as the ingredients add to 145
if I want to make 500 gms of product how can I do the breakdown , please advise

Andy Knowles

Andy Knowles said:

This recipe makes 145g of nose balm. The percentage breakdown is:
Calendula oil 31%
Shea butter 34.5%
Jojoba oil 17.25%
Yellow beeswax 17.25%
So to make 500g of finished dog nose balm you will need:
Calendula oil 155g
Shea butter 172g
Jojoba oil 86g
Yellow beeswax 86g
Hope this helps!

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