How Rose Geranium Oil Is Helping Kenyan Farmers Out of Poverty

How Rose Geranium Oil Is Helping Kenyan Farmers Out of Poverty

October 26, 2022

Did you know that when you buy our rose geranium essential oil you are helping Kenyan farmers rise up out of extreme poverty? This beautiful oil not only smells good, but it does good too!

How does rose geranium oil help farmers?

In the heart of the Kenyan highlands lies Nanyuki County. It is the gateway to the Laikipia Plateau, one of Africa’s most important wildlife conservation areas where one million acres of wilderness protect threatened species such as zebra, leopard, giraffe, elephants and lions. 

This incredible area straddles the equator and because of the high elevation there are warm days, cool nights and limited rainfall. While this sounds like lovely safari holiday weather, of course for the local farmers the reality is challenging. 

It’s an area of extreme poverty and farmers grow fruit and vegetables for international buyers but can struggle to meet the high quality standards which often leaves produce unsold and left to rot.

In 2013 our supplier set up a project for these farmers to help them create a second income stream with a new crop - rose geranium which gets turned into our gorgeous rose geranium essential oil.

How does the project work?

Farmers are supplied with seedlings and other supplies so they can start growing plants for essential oils. Alongside their traditional fruit and vegetables, these new crops give them a valuable second income. Each farmer is given a written guarantee that all of the essential oil plants they produce will be bought by our supplier at a fair price which gives them peace of mind and a predictable income.

The farmers are supported by Field Officers who build strong relationships with a small group of farmers, bring them together to share knowledge, provide expertise and to help ensure the success of the crops. 

The local impact of the project

Many farmers have been able to move away from unpredictable vegetable farming to focus solely on growing essential oil crops which gives them a steady income and opportunities for a better life.

Our supplier supports local communities and gives back with various projects. So far they have built four solar powered water supply projects, distributed more than 300 water storage tanks and created a scholarship scheme which has allowed 25 local children to attend high school. They have also provided support to women who were previously sex workers by giving them with a fair and safe income for them and their children from harvesting wild pepper seeds.

  • Supporting 1,593 small scale farmers and their families
  • 49.3% of farmers are female and the growing industry creates opportunities for more women to be involved
  • 718 acres of land are being farmed with vital new skills being developed and valuable second incomes being created
  • 9 field officers provide support, education and advice

Now you know the story behind our rose geranium essential oil! Click here to buy.

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