How To Make Coconut Body Oil

How To Make Coconut Body Oil

November 06, 2022

Winter is on its way, and along with it comes dry skin for a lot of people (us included!). Central heating, cold weather and harsh winds all conspire to rob your precious skin of its moisture, leaving it feeling rough and dry. But our body oil recipe is here to stop that in its tracks!

Follow our simple steps of how to make coconut body oil and you'll have soft, smooth skin all season long.

What is body oil?

Body oils are a luxurious combination of powerful natural oils that moisturise your skin. If you have dry skin then you need a body oil!

Also, unlike many creams and lotions on the market this body oil is 100% natural and free from harmful chemicals.

Body oils you make at home will also be incredibly cost effective which is something we are all looking for this winter. From one purchase of the ingredients you'll be able to make several batches and because it is much more powerful than a cream or lotion you can use less of it.

What does body oil do?

A body oil is a very powerful moisturiser. Where a body cream or lotion is quite light, has a high water content and will rub off quickly, body oils are rich and will moisturise your skin for hours. The oil seals in your natural skin moisture much more effectively than the water in a cream or lotion and brings an extra boost of hydration with it. 

A body oil will leave your skin intensely moisturised, soft, smooth and with a gentle radiance.

How to use body oil

After a toasty bath or shower, rub a little oil into your palm to warm it and then massage it in your skin. Take your time and enjoy this deliciously indulgent self-care moment, you've earned it friend! The movements of the massage will help the oil really absorb into your skin so you won't be left feeling greasy.

A small amount of coconut body oil goes a long way, so start with a penny-sized amount in your palm. You want to aim to cover your skin with the smallest amount possible. Applying too much body oil will leave you feeling greasy.



  1. Grab your weighing scales along with a clean, dry funnel and a bottle.
  2. Into a bowl, or your bottle weigh out your ingredients, adding the essential oils last if you are using them.
  3. Gently mix to blend the oils together and pour into your bottle using your funnel so you don't spill.
  4. Now it's time for a pamper - go and run that bath!


What is body oil used for?

Body oil moisturises your skin and is best used on smooth areas of your skin like your arms, upper body and legs. You can body oil on rougher areas of skin like your hands, feet and elbows, but this isn't the best way to use body oil.

Click here to see our whipped body butter recipe if you're looking for a skin treatment for hands, feet and elbows.

If you've got particularly irritated or sensitive skin, we would recommend leaving out the essential oils and making an unscented body oil.

How to apply body oil after a shower

Once you're out of a hot shower, towel yourself mostly dry. Then pour a penny-sized amount into the palm of your hand. Rub your hands together and apply the oil over as much of your skin as you can.

This helps prevent you applying too much body oil to your skin, which leaves you feeling greasy.

If you pour too much into your hands, just absorb the excess with some paper towel, don't just slap it on!

This body oil should only take 10-15 mins to absorb.

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