Coconut Oil – Fractionated


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What is Fractionated Coconut Oil?

Fractionated coconut oil is a clear, odourless liquid. It is a light carrier oil that is easily absorbed by the skin.

It is made by separating the solid parts of coconut oil from the parts that are liquid. This means it will stay liquid even in cooler temperatures.

It also has a relatively long shelf life as it has a higher saturated fat content. Fractionated coconut oil contains high amounts of capric and caprylic fatty acids.

When fractionated coconut oil is used in cold process soap making, it contributes to hardening the final soap bar. It can also help increase the cleansing and bubbling effect of the soap.

Fractionated coconut oil for skin

Fractionated coconut oil is a carrier oil that used in liquid cosmetics as it is hydrating and remains liquid. It is often used in products like moisturisers, lotions, massage oils and creams.

Fractionated coconut oil has a comedogenic rating of 2 - 3. This means it may clog pores due to its high fatty acid content and is ideal for dry skin types. However, fractionated coconut oil has a lower comedogenic rating than solid coconut oils.

How to make your own body oil with fractionated coconut oil



  1. Weigh the fractionated coconut oil, hazelnut oil, rosehip and vitamin e oils.

  2. Mix all of the oils together in a bowl.

  3. Once fully combined, pour the body oil into a bottle ready for use!

Fractionated coconut oil for hair

Fractionated coconut oil is used in hair care products like conditioner and hair treatments to hydrate and nourish hair.

It has great moisturising properties and leaves hair smooth and hydrated. Fractionated coconut oil is also popular for dry and frizzy hair types.

How to make your own hair treatment with fractionated coconut oil



  1. Weigh out all of the oils into a bowl.

  2. Mix the oils together until fully combined.

  3. Add the mixture to a bottle of your choice and now it is ready to use!


What is the INCI name for fractionated coconut oil?

The INCI name for fractionated coconut oil is caprylic/capric triglyceride.

Where does fractionated coconut oil originate from?

Our fractionated coconut oil originates from Malaysia.

What is the saponification value for fractionated coconut oil?

The saponification value for apricot oil is between 325 and 345, with an average of 334.

For NaOH the SAP value is 0.334, and for KOH it is 0.238

Is fractionated coconut oil the same as virgin coconut oil?

No, fractionated coconut oil and virgin coconut oil are not the same. The first difference between these two oils is the smell. Virgin coconut oil has a natural coconut scent that has not been removed, whereas fractionated coconut oil is unscented. 

Virgin coconut oil is also a solid oil, and fractionated coconut oil is always liquid.

Virgin coconut oil is less processed than fractionated coconut oil, it is pressed straight from the flesh of fresh coconuts.