How to Make Hand Sanitiser with Essential Oils

How to Make Hand Sanitiser with Essential Oils

September 27, 2022

Hand sanitiser has become a part of our daily life in the last couple of years. But do you worry about all the chemicals in these hand gels? 

We’ve put together a recipe to show you how to make hand sanitiser with essential oils that will be better for your skin, your pocket and the environment.

Why make your own hand sanitiser?

Off the shelf hand gels are packed full of chemicals with scarily long names and they can really play havoc with your skin as you’ve probably discovered since the pandemic began. By making your own hand sanitiser you can be in control of exactly what goes into it and use more natural ingredients to kill those nasty germs and viruses. It’s also cheaper and you can reuse your bottles so it’s better for the environment too.

Essential oils for homemade hand sanitiser

Some essential oils have wonderful antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties which makes them perfect for adding to homemade hand sanitiser to help kill germs and viruses naturally. By adding essential oils to your DIY hand sanitiser recipe you can help it become more effective. These lovely oils can also have wonderfully soothing and healing benefits, which really helps those dry hands. 

Don’t forget, essential oils can really help boost your mood too, so if you find yourself being a little anxious while out and about, adding a calming essential oil such as lavender can really help you.

The best essential oils for hand sanitiser

There are lots of lovely essential oils that can be added to your hand sanitiser recipe to help it become more powerful. All of these essential oils have great properties for killing the nasties:

How to make hand sanitiser?



  1. Add all the ingredients to a small bowl and stir to combine.
  2. Use a funnel to pour into small spray bottle. We find homemade hand sanitiser is more liquid than the gels you buy so it works really well in a spray bottle.
  3. Use within 6 months. 

Do keep in mind that this hand sanitiser recipe has not been lab tested and also results will vary with the accuracy of measuring ingredients. It has been recommended to use hand sanitiser with at least 60% alcohol content. No hand sanitiser is a substitute for proper hand washing but it can help until you can get to a sink. As always when working with essential oils be sure to dilute them correctly to avoid irritating the skin.

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