Cetearyl Alcohol


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What is cetearyl alcohol?

Cetearyl alcohol, also known as cetostearyl alcohol, is a white, waxy solid made up of a combination of cetyl alcohol and stearyl alcohol. 

Our cetearyl alcohol is 70% stearyl alcohol and 30% cetyl alcohol.

Cetearyl alcohol is commonly used in cosmetic products like body lotions, hair products and creams. It helps to make products smoother, thicker and more stable. 

Is cetearyl alcohol bad for skin?

Cetearyl alcohol is a fatty alcohol which helps to trap water and leave the skin feeling smoother. It is not the same as other alcohols like ethyl or rubbing alcohol, which can cause irritation. Cetearyl alcohol is known to effectively condition and soften the skin and hair.

What is cetearyl alcohol made from?

Cetearyl alcohol is made from cetyl alcohol and stearyl alcohol which are both fatty alcohols. This is why it is also known as cetostearyl alcohol. Both cetyl alcohol and stearyl alcohol are usually made from palm and coconut oils.

Cetostearyl alcohol for skin

Cetearyl alcohol is commonly used in skincare products like moisturisers, creams and lotions. It is an emollient as it helps moisturise and soften the skin, but it also locks in the moisture. 

Cetearyl alcohol adds a wonderful, thick and creamy skin feel to skin products. The finished product feels lighter than a product thickened with wax.

How to use cetearyl alcohol

Cetearyl alcohol is normally used at concentrations of 1-25% in your recipe. It will help stabilise and thicken emulsions, but it isn’t an emulsifier.  Don’t try to use it as an emulsifying wax, it won’t work!

Cetearyl alcohol needs to be melted before it is added to your recipe. You can melt it and mix it into the oil phase of your recipe.

Cetearyl alcohol for hair

Cetearyl alcohol is great for hair as it helps to moisturise, hydrate, and soften hair. It is used for its conditioning, detangling and also anti-frizz properties. It is commonly used in hair conditioners to help thicken the product and add moisture to the hair. 

Cetyl alcohol vs Cetostearyl alcohol

The main difference between cetyl alcohol and cetearyl alcohol is that cetyl alcohol is a single chemical compound, whereas cetostearyl alcohol is made up of a few different chemical compounds. 

If you use cetyl alcohol instead of cetostearyl alcohol your finished product will have less body, and feel slightly thinner.

However, both alcohols can be used as thickeners and stabilisers.

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