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What is organic ginger essential oil?

Ginger essential oil is team distilled from the root of the ginger plant. The oil is golden in colour, the oil has a warm and spicy scent.

Organic ginger essential oil has been certified organic by the Soil Association and we are inspected annually to make sure we comply with their strict regulations.

Origin & History

Our organic ginger essential oil is produced in China, and was originally discovered in Southeast Asia over 5000 years ago. In the 1st century, traders took ginger into the Mediterranean regions where it was valued for its medicinal benefits, it was a popular warming spice, a digestive aid, and sometimes used to treat flatulence and colic. 

In the Middle Ages, ginger was valued so much that the price of a half a kilogram of ginger was the same as that of one sheep. Ginger was commonly used in traditional medicine for its ability to soothe inflammation, fevers, colds, respiratory discomforts, nausea and more. 

It has also traditionally been used as an antimicrobial food preservative, and has been used as a spice for flavouring and its digestive properties. Organic ginger essential oil was also used to ease nervousness, sadness and low self-confidence.

Blending Suggestions

Organic ginger essential oil has warm spicy notes and is a middle note. It blends well with other essential oils like orange, lemon and lime oil. For more information about essential oil notes and blends click here

Here's a couple of our favourite blends with Ginger:

Citrusy and spicy blend:

5 drops Organic ginger oil

8 drops Organic orange oil

7 drops Organic bergamot oil

10 drops Rose absolute oil

Ginger and floral blend:

1 drop Organic ginger oil

2 drops Organic lemon oil

2 drops Organic lavender oil

How to Store Your Oils:

To store your organic ginger oil, make sure to keep it sealed and out of direct sunlight. This will stop it from degrading over time and help prolong the quality. Make sure you keep your essential oils out of the reach of children.

Safety Precautions

Organic ginger essential oil should be diluted with a carrier oil before skin application as it can cause skin irritation and sensitivity. Our ginger oil is not suitable for consumption or any internal use and should be stored out of reach of children. 

For safety information and safe dilution rates, use our technical documents found here.

The safe dilution rates are given in the IFRA document. There are different dilutions for different applications, for example soaps and shampoos are category 9. There is a full list of the IFRA categories and what they mean on the last pages of the IFRA document.


What is organic ginger?

Organic ginger essential oil is steam distilled from the dry root of fresh ginger and is 100% pure and natural. Ginger oil has a golden colour and it has a strong, warm and spicy aroma. 

Organic ginger essential oil is often claimed to stop hair loss but there we haven't seen any convincing evidence yet. However, if you know of any evidence, please send it in!

What is the INCI name for ginger essential oil?

The INCI name for ginger essential oil is zingiber officinale root.

What is the origin of ginger essential oil?

Our organic Ginger essential oil originates from China.