Xanthan Gum


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What is xanthan gum?

Xanthan gum is a fine, white powder that is naturally derived from the sugar of wheat, corn, soy or dairy. The sugar is then fermented by a bacteria called Xanthomonas campestris.

Xanthan gum is found in nearly all types of cosmetic products. It can be used in products like cleansers, face masks, serums, lipstick and more.

Xanthan gum uses

Xanthan gum is used a thickening agent, stabiliser and emulsifier in hair and skincare products.

It is added to cosmetic products to help bind the ingredients together and reduce separation. It will emulsify water and oil based ingredients to form a more stable product.

Xanthan gum can also thicken liquids and improve the texture. When it's is added to water, it creates a gel which thickens the product.

Is xanthan gum vegan?

Xanthan gum can be vegan friendly, but is not always. It can be derived from either the sugar of wheat, corn or soy, which are vegan. But it can also be derived from dairy, which is not vegan friendly.

Our xanthan gum is derived from corn and soy which makes it suitable for vegans.