Belly Drainage Ginger Oil: A Natural Weight loss Remedy or Complete Myth?

Ginger oil for weight loss

April 02, 2023

It’s zingy and spicy and reminds us of Christmas baking - we love ginger essential oil. In aromatherapy, the warming aroma is said to have a soothing and clearing effect, and studies even suggest it can ease nausea.

There’s one use of ginger oil, however, that we’re not so sure of – applying it straight to the belly button!

In this post, we’ll look at the ‘belly drainage ginger oil’ trend and establish if there’s any evidence for this so-called weight loss remedy.

What is belly drainage ginger oil?

Using ginger essential oil for "belly drainage" is an online craze that claims to help you slim down, quickly.

The technique, which you may have seen pop up in social media ads with shocking before and after pictures, involves applying a ginger oil product directly to your belly button and massaging it in. Strange, we know.

So, how is it supposed to work? Well, according to this product, through lymphatic drainage.

Right from the start this is an odd claim as lymphatic drainage is a technique to treat lymphoedema, a chronic condition that causes swelling in the body’s tissues, usually the arms or legs. The NHS explains that the technique minimises fluid build-up and stimulates the flow of fluid throughout the lymphatic system with specialised massage techniques.

It has nothing to do with weight loss.

It seems that if putting ginger oil in your belly button does anything at all, we’re going to have to go back further to find out.

The Pechoti Method

The technique of applying essential oils to the belly button originates in Ayurvedic Medicine, the world’s oldest holistic health system, and is called ‘The Pechoti Method’.

Ginger is a core ingredient in Ayurvedic medicines, many of which focus on aiding digestion. It’s said to fuel your ‘Agni’, or digestive fire, and stimulate your metabolism. Hence, why ginger oil frequents in the Pechoti method.  

Based on the belief that the ‘Pechoti gland’ in your navel absorbs them into your body, the practice involves massaging essential oils into your belly button to cure various ailments.  

Modern science, however, says that no such gland exists, and there’s no evidence you can absorb ginger oil (or any oil or substance at all) through your belly button. It seems the fad is very far-fetched.

Ginger essential oil

Ginger essential oil for weight loss

Okay, so we’ve established that putting ginger oil in your belly button won’t do anything in terms of weight loss – but is there any other way to use ginger oil to slim down?

Unfortunately, that’s another myth we need to bust. Fresh ginger or ginger powder may help you lose weight. But as far as ginger oil is concerned, there’s no proof.

According to a 2017 review,compounds called ‘zingerone’ and ‘shogaols’ in ginger are beneficial to the bodily processes that burn and store fat. A more recent meta-analysis analysed the evidence that ginger can reduce body weight and belly fat too.

If you want to try ginger for weight loss, then, we suggest drinking a daily ginger tea or trying some delicious ginger recipes instead.

However, ginger essential oil is unlikely to help you lose weight.

Conclusion: Does belly drainage ginger oil really work?

No! At best, you’ll enjoy the deep aroma and relaxing self-massage, but putting ginger oil on your belly button is unlikely to do any more than that.

Also, applying ginger essential oil to your skin undiluted is unsafe. You would be risking a potential skin reaction unless it was diluted in a carrier oil.

That said, while this claim might be a complete myth, it definitely doesn’t render ginger essential oil pointless.

Try using ginger essential oil in a soap recipe, like our turmeric melt and pour soap recipe with ginger and bergamot essential oils.

We recommend using the essential oil in aromatherapy for its comforting scent. Whether it’s a homemade soap or in a blend with a carrier oil, there’re many ways to enjoy the essential oil that don’t involve a strange application or imaginary gland.

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