Rose Petals - Red, Dried


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What are dried rose petals used for?

Fresh rose petals are dried to preserve the natural properties of rose flowers. Our rose petals are red in colour with a lovely sweet, floral scent.

The dried rose petals can be used in a range of cosmetic recipes including soap, rose water, bath bombs and creams.

Red rose petals are a great addition in cosmetic recipes as they have skin soothing benefits. They can also be used to add a natural floral fragrance and red tint to products.

Rose petals can be infused into hot water to make fresh rose water. It is often used as a toner to cleanse and to remove impurities from the skin.

Our red rose petals are the perfect finishing touch when used as colourful decoration. Many people sprinkle these petals on top of soap bars or whipped soaps.

Rose petals can also be used in potpourri and confetti mixes to add a pop of scent and colour.