Mango Butter – Organic


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Mango Butter - Organic

Organic mango butter is extracted from the seeds of organic mango fruit that have been grown without use of pesticides. Organic mango butter is pale yellow in colour and has a very neutral scent. Mango butter is solid but relatively soft at room temperature.

Our mango butter is 100% pure and is certified organic by the Soil Association, so you can buy in complete confidence. We are audited once a year to make sure that we comply with their strict standards.

Is organic mango butter sustainable?

Yes, our organic mango butter is produced in a sustainable way. Buying our organic mango butter helps support millions of tribal people across thousands of villages in rural India.

Read more about the production of our organic mango butter here


Organic mango butter is great for dry skin as it has natural moisturising properties and is generally suitable for sensitive skin. A 2008 study found that mango butter is excellent for replenishing and hydrating the skin. 

Mango butter has a high amount of vitamin A, fatty acid and mineral content which can help hair health by keeping it moisturised and protected. 

It keeps in moisture and healthy oil content with a low chance of it clogging your pores as it has a comedogenic rating of 2. It is also not greasy compared to other products like shea butter or cocoa butter.

How to use it

Our organic mango butter is great to use in hair treatments and skin products, like moisturisers and soaps. Mango butter can be easily melted when it is being used in recipes and mixes well with other oils. 

How to make mango lip butter 

Create your own natural lip balm to soothe dry lips with this easy recipe.


Beeswax 16g | 14%

Babassu oil 25g | 21%

Mango butter 25g | 21%

Safflower oil 45g | 50ml | 39%

Vitamin E oil 4g | 4ml | 3% 


  1. Weigh out all of the ingredients into a heatproof jug or bowl.
  1. Melt the oils and wax
    • Melt the oils in a metal bowl over boiling water, in a bain marie or using a microwave using short bursts.
    • Mix the oils and wax regularly to help melt the beeswax a lot quicker.
    • Stir thoroughly to make sure the oils are combined.
  1. Pour your liquid lip balm into containers
    • Pour into clean containers into your own containers, small jars or recycled lip balm tins.
    • Allow to cool and they are ready to be used!

How to use mango butter for skin

Try our easy recipe below for a moisturising lotion bar, perfect for dry skin.


24g beeswax | 6% 

160g cocoa butter | 40%

80g coconut oil | 20%

40g shea butter | 10%

40g mango butter | 10%

40g sweet almond oil | 10%

12g vitamin E oil | 3% 

4g sweet orange essential oil | 1%


  1. Measure out all of your ingredients.
  2. Gently melt the solid butters, beeswax and coconut oil in a bowl over warm water.
  3. Remove from the heat and add the sweet almond oil.
  4. Once the mixture has cooled a little, add the vitamin E oil and the sweet orange essential oil (or any other essential oil of your choosing).
  5. Pour into a silicone mould and allow to set.
  6. Store in a recycled jar, tupperware, beeswax wrap or anything else you can reuse.

Here’s just one example, you can use mango butter to create a lotion bar. Click here to see the full recipe.


Organic mango butter should be sealed and stored in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight.


What does mango butter do?

Organic mango butter can moisturise your skin and helps form a protective layer on your skin to lock in moisture.

Organic mango butter contains vitamin A, vitamin E, and vitamin C. It nourishes dry skin due to its natural moisturising properties.

Is mango butter better than cocoa butter?

Both mango butter and cocoa butter have lots of benefits for skin and hair health.

They both help moisturise and nourish the skin. However, cocoa butter is harder at room temperature and will create a more solid skin treatment

Mango butter has a lower melting point, so it can be easily melted and added to cosmetic recipes. Whereas, cocoa butter has a high melting point and is often used in lotions to add a creamier texture.

Does mango butter clog your pores?

Mango butter has a low comedogenic rating, meaning it is not likely to clog pores. This is great for acne prone skin and it helps to keep in the skin's natural oils and moisture.

Does mango butter smell like mango?

Our organic mango butter does not smell like mango. This is because it is extracted from the seeds of the mango, not the flesh.

How to stop mango butter becoming grainy

Mango butter sometimes becomes gritty if it is melted and cooled too slowly, so try to cool your products quite quickly. Sometimes this happens in transit, if your mango butter seems too gritty upon arrival try heating until fully melted - keep it melted for a few minutes - and then pour into a tub and chill in a freezer until room temperature.

Technical documents

To see the full range of technical documents available for our organic mango butter, click here