Aloe Vera Face Mask Recipe

Aloe vera face mask recipe

February 15, 2023

Looking to make a cleansing face mask? Aloe vera face masks are a great choice because aloe vera juice is a natural skin toner.

Fit this recipe in to your weekly skincare routine and you won't forget it. Simply apply, leave it to dry and then wash it off. It's a great idea to moisturise afterwards, try our recipe for how to make organic face oil.



Aloe vera face mask recipe

1. Measure your ingredients

  • Weigh your kaolin clay
  • In a separate container, weigh and combine your aloe vera juice, honey and argan oil.

Homemade aloe vera face mask

2. Mix thoroughly

  • Add your kaolin clay to your liquids and mix thoroughly until there's no lumps of clay left
  • Use it immediately!

How to use it

Using your fingertips, spread the face mask on to your skin. Leave it to dry on your skin for up to 10 mins. Then, wash it off. Either soften it with a warm, wet flannel and then scrub it off, or jump in the shower. Moisturise your face afterwards.

We recommend using face masks once a week to start with, you can always increase to twice a week if your skin needs it. 


Can I add more aloe vera juice to this recipe?

We tested this recipe with different amounts of aloe vera juice, and we think this recipe gives the best results. This is because aloe vera juice has a low pH that is irritating to your face unless you dilute it with water. If you use more aloe vera juice there is a good chance it will irritate your skin.

Interested in more natural skincare recipes? Take a look at our blog for more inspiration!

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Heather said:

Thank you so much – can’t wait to try it!


TheSoapery said:

Hi Heather, it’s great to hear you’re looking forward to testing this recipe, we hope you enjoy!

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