How to Make Organic Face Oil

How to make organic face oil

December 27, 2022

Looking for a natural and organic way to moisturise your skin? Organic face oil is what you need!

Face oil is super simple to make, and your skin will love it. Our organic face oil is non comedogenic with a rating of 1 on the comedogenic scale. This means that it should be suitable for all skin types, including oily skin and skin prone to acne.

Our organic face oil is made with 3 of the finest organic oils that nature has provided. 

  • Organic argan oil has been famously named the “miracle oil”, and is high in oleic and linoleic acid
  • Organic borage oil is high in gamma linolenic acid (GLA), a member of the omega 6 family of fatty acids. Every batch of our organic borage oil is tested for its GLA content, and it is always higher than 20% GLA
  • Organic jojoba oil is another powerful oil in skincare. It is said to mimic the skin’s natural sebum, and help control your skin’s oil production. That would certainly be helpful for people with oily skin!

All of our organic oils are certified by the Soil Association. We're inspected every year to make sure that we comply with their strict standards, so you can buy with complete confidence.

How to make organic face oil uk



How to make organic face oil uk

  • Measure your oils in a jug
  • Mix thoroughly to combine
  • Pour into an empty bottle. If you take the dropper inserts out of the argan and borage oil bottles you can reuse those. You can put the droppers back in, this will help you to get small amounts out of the bottle to apply to your face.


How to apply face oil?

Take a few drops of organic face oil in the palm of your hand. Using your fingertips, gently rub it into the skin on your face. Don't use more than a few drops, a little goes a long way!

When to use face oil?

Our favourite time to use face oil is just after a shower. However you could also try applying organic face oil 30mins before a shower, or after a clay face mask.

How did get on with your organic face oil? Let us know over on our Facebook or Instagram pages.



yarrow said:

Hi, is it a good idea to mix argan and rosehip oil? I’ve got dry mature skin


Andy said:

Yes, it could make a good face oil if you mix argan with rosehip oil. Try it and let us know how you get on!


Gail said:

Can you put an essential oil into the mix, if so how much, Also can it be made with the non organic oils or a mixture of both? My jojoba oil is not organic. Thanks

Andy Knowles

Andy Knowles said:

Yes you can make this conventional jojoba oil if you have some to hand, the face oil will still work well.
You can add essential oils to this recipe, however the skin on your face is quite sensitive. Check the essential oil’s IFRA document, category 5B. If it says that it is not approved, then you can’t use it in this recipe. Take the percentage from the IFRA category 5B, or 1%, whichever is lowest as the maximum limit.
Hope this helps,


Marie said:

I’ve always believed you couldn’t use essential oils undiluted. Are your oils diluted ?

Andy Knowles

Andy Knowles said:

Hi Marie,
Thanks for your message. You are right that you can’t use essential oils undiluted on your skin. However, the oils used in this recipe are carrier oils, which are a different type of oils. They are generally skin safe when 100% pure.
Kind regards

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