Melt & Pour Soap Bases

Soap making has never been so easy! We stock a range of melt and pour soap bases, perfect for craft projects and natural living alike!

Melt and pour soap bases are a great way of adding more products to your cosmetics collections. Our melt and pour soap bases are highly flexible and require little investment or specialized soap making accessories.

How To Use Melt and Pour Soap Bases

Melt and pour soap bases are easy to use. Just melt the soap base and add a range of exfoliants, ingredients, essential oils and cold-pressed oils. Next, pour the mixture into to moulds to create a beautiful handcrafted soap bar.

You can also customize it by adding your preferred colouring and scents before pouring it into your mould. Once you’ve perfected the process, you can start experimenting with more complex soap making designs like making patterns, adding embeds, and laying your soap