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What is organic sweet almond oil?

Organic sweet almond oil is cold pressed from the organic kernels of the almond tree. This carrier oil is yellow in colour with a neutral scent.

Sweet almond oil contains high amounts of oleic acid, with small amounts of palmitic and linoleic fatty acids.

Our sweet almond oil is 100% pure and is certified organic by the Soil Association. We are audited once a year to make sure that we comply with their strict standards.

What is organic sweet almond oil used for?

Organic sweet almond oil has great moisturising and emollient properties. It has a comedogenic rating for 2, meaning it has a low chance of clogging pores.

Sweet almond is suitable for all skin types including dry, oily and combination skin. It is also super lightweight and easily absorbed into the skin.

It is a popular choice in cosmetics like soap, shampoo, body butter, lotions, creams, conditioner, moisturisers, massage oil and body oils.

When organic almond oil is used in cold process soap making it adds to the conditioning effect of the bar, and a little to the hardness and creaminess of the bar.

Make your own skin treatment with organic sweet almond oil



  1. Measure the shea butter and melt in a bowl over hot water or a microwave

  2. Weigh out the jojoba oil and organic almond oil.

  3. Mix the oils into the melted shea butter

  4. Once fully combined, leave to cool in the fridge.

  5. Once the mixture looks like it is starting to set, whisk until it creates a creamy whipped consistency.

  6. Now your skin treatment is ready to use!

How to make your own almond massage oil

Sweet almond oil is the perfect base oil for a massage oil, as it helps nourish and moisturise the skin. To create your own massage blend, we recommend diluting your chosen essential oils into the organic almond oil.

For refreshing and cooling massage blends, dilute 10ml of peppermint essential oil into 1L of organic almond oil.

For a relaxing massage blend, dilute 10ml of lavender essential oil into 1L of almond oil.


What is the INCI name for organic almond oil?

The INCI name for organic almond oil is prunus amygdalus dulcis oil.

What is the origin of our sweet almond oil?

Our organic sweet almond oil is from mixed EU origin.

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