How to Make a Charcoal Face Mask

How to make a charcoal face mask

December 18, 2022

Charcoal face masks are great for oily skin. The combination of kaolin clay and charcoal powder is intended to help absorb excess oil from your skin.

Activated charcoal powder acts like a magnet for bacteria, oil and dirt. This face mask helps absorb these from your skin, cleansing your pores.

This face mask recipe will help prevent blackheads by absorbing the excess oils from your skin.



Charcoal face mask ingredients

1. Gather your ingredients

  • Weigh and mix your water and honey in a jug or bowl
  • Add the kaolin clay and charcoal powder and mix to combine
  • Finally, add the jojoba oil and mix some more!

How to make a charcoal face mask

2. Mix thoroughly

  • Mix it for a few minutes, make sure there's no lumps of clay or charcoal remaining
  • Use immediately. There's no preservative in this recipe so it will go off quickly.


Why use charcoal in a face mask?

Activated charcoal powder is great at absorbing excess oil and dirt from your skin. This makes it particularly useful in a face mask for oily skin, and a great recipe in a blackhead face mask.

Can I add essential oils to my face mask?

We prefer our face masks unfragranced. However, you can add essential oils to your face mask recipe if you prefer. The skin on the face is usually more sensitive than the skin on the body, so you're not going to need much essential oil. 

Check the essential oil IFRA safety sheet, look at the maximum safe usage rate in category 5B. We'd suggest starting at 2% essential oil in your face mask, unless the IFRA safety sheet gives a lower value.

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