How to Make Baby Powder

How to make baby powder

February 26, 2023

What is baby powder?

Baby powder is familiar to many parents. It has been used for babies and adults alike for over a hundred years. However, it has been in the headlines recently due to safety concerns around its main ingredient: Talc.

There’s been many claims made against the main manufacturer of baby powder on safety grounds, and they have now switched their formula to take the talc out.

However, it is simple to make yourself at home, using ingredients you know and trust. Avoid the controversy and give it a go today!

We’re using kaolin clay and arrowroot powder as the powder base for this recipe. Both are fantastic natural ingredients that will help us get the smooth powdery feel of baby powder

We’ll use calendula oil and vitamin E oil to help provide a little extra moisture to the recipe.

Talc free baby powder ingredients



Making baby powder at home

1. Weigh your ingredients

  • Weigh your arrowroot powder and kaolin clay, and mix to combine
  • Weigh your calendula oil and vitamin E oil in a separate container and mix together

How to make talc free baby powder

2. Combine your ingredients

  • Add your liquid ingredients to your powders
  • Mix well

How to use it

This is best stored in a powder shaker bottle, or a container that you can dip your fingers in. Apply lightly to your skin and feel the softness!

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Now that you've learned how to make baby powder, continue your natural beauty journey.

 How did your baby powder turn out? Comment below and let us know!

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