Dead Sea Salt Body Scrub Recipe

Homemade dead sea salt body scrub recipe

February 02, 2023

Have you heard of salt body scrubs before? They’re a great way to exfoliate your skin in the bath or shower. Create your own at home today!

We’ve created this salt body scrub to be a dry powder scrub. It gently foams and cleanses your skin at the same time as exfoliating.

This salt body scrub recipe is a bit more involved than making a simple sugar scrub, but we find it much easier to use in the shower when compared to oily sugar scrubs. 

They’re best used on less-sensitive areas of your skin like your legs and arms. If you’re looking for a lip scrub, try our DIY lip scrub recipe.

We’ve selected Dead sea salt to bring the exfoliating power to this body scrub recipe. It is coarse enough to work well, but not too coarse.

The kaolin clay helps improve the feel of the scrub and stops it clumping together too much. The SLSA powder creates a nice gentle foam, and helps the scrub wash off easily. The peach kernel oil and bergamot essential oil bring moisture and fragrance to the body scrub.


  • 3 Containers for mixing and weighing
  • Weighing scales
  • Dust mask
  • Container to store the finished body scrub

Dead sea salt body scrub ingredients



How to make dead sea salt body scrub

1. Measure and combine your powders

  • Work in a well ventilated space, and pop your dust mask on. Inhaling SLSA powder can be very unpleasant!
  • Weigh your salt, SLSA powder and kaolin clay.
  • Mix thoroughly to combine

2. Measure and combine your oils

  • Measure your peach kernel oil and bergamot essential oil (weighing is much easier than measuring small volumes).
  • Mix thoroughly to combine

Making a Dead sea salt body scrub

3. Add the oils to your powders

  • Add the oil mixture into your powder mixture
  • Mix well to combine
  • If it is lumpy, push it through a sieve.
  • You can store it in any water-tight pot, or use a powder shaker bottle if you have one!

How to use it

We find it easiest to use a salt body scrub in the shower. Take a small amount in the palm of your hand, and gently massage it into your body. It will gently start to foam and exfoliate as you work it into your skin. Then wash it off.

We recommend using twice a week, but test it first on a small area of your skin to check for sensitivity.

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