How To Make Winter Body Yogurt

How To Make Winter Body Yogurt

December 15, 2021

Body yogurt is rather a curious name! Like its edible cousin, it's lighter than a butter. Body butters can be a little greasy and not very practical if you're in a hurry to get dressed after your shower. But a body yogurt is lighter and much quicker to be absorbed into the skin, so it's great for those busy mornings while still giving your skin essential hydration and nourishment for winter days.

Give our recipe a whirl and see if we can convert you from body butter to body yogurt this winter!



  1. Add the solid butters and emulsifier to a bowl over a water bath and gently melt together
  2. In another bowl mix together the water, aloe vera gel and glycerin
  3. Mix the sweet almond oil into the melted butters and allow to cool
  4. Mix the melted oils into the other bowl of water, gel and glycerin and whip until you see the yogurt texture start to form
  5. Add the vitamin E oil, preservative and essential oil and whip again
  6. Pour into a clean jar and enjoy!

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