Calm Balm Recipe

Calm Balm Recipe

September 04, 2023

Have you been feeling stressed or overwhelmed lately? Have you had a long day and need to wind down? Take a moment for yourself to relax with our DIY calm balm.

We've seen that calm balms are a popular choice when taking a natural approach to relieving stress and anxiety, so we thought we'd share with you how to create your own at a fraction of the cost!

Calm balms are made with nourishing butters, oils and a select fragrance blend to unwind and calm the mind. They are also moisturising leaving the skin smooth and hydrated.

Calm balms can be applied to pulse points like the temples, wrists and neck. When the balm is applied to these areas, the aroma from the essential oils is inhaled and creates a calming effect.

Lets have a go at our easy calm balm recipe...



Calm balm ingredients

1. Weigh the ingredients

  • Weigh out the shea butter, beeswax and carrier oils and add into a bowl.

Add calm balm ingredients to bowl

2. Melt the oils and wax

  • Melt these ingredients together using a bowl over boiling water, or a bain marie. Alternatively, you can melt them in a microwave using short bursts.

  • Stir the mixture occasionally until everything is fully melted.

  • The beeswax may take longer than the shea butter to melt, but it will melt quicker if stirred often

Melt calm balm ingredients

3. Add essential oils

  • Weigh out the essential oils.

  • Add the essential oil blend to the melted mixture and stir well.

Pour mixture in container and leave to set

4. Pour the mixture into a container

  • Pour your calm balm into small containers or tins. You can recycle lip balm tins or use small jars.

  • Leave the balm to cool.

  • Once set, your calm balm is ready to use!


The best essential oils for calm balm

Essential oils are known to have great effects on the mood and there are various blends which can be used in calm balms. Below you'll find our top recommendations for blends of soothing essential oils.

Essential oils

Calm and destress blend:

Uplift and brighten blend:

Sweet and relaxing blend:

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